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Estimates that more than 25% of the world’s population travels with pets and, according to the Airline Transport Association, more than 500,000 animals fly each year. In fact, traveling with pets is increasingly popular. Consider these statistics.

Fun facts about people traveling with their pets:
– 19% of dog owners take their pets when traveling (American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, National Pet Owner Survey)
– 67% of pet owners travel with their pet (American Animal Hospital Association)
– 42% of pet owners have traveled out of state with their pet (American Animal Hospital Association)
– Dogs are the most common pets on trips (80%), followed by cats, birds, rabbits or fish (USA Today, May 9, 2006)

Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotels

While about one-third of pet owners leave their pets with a friend or relative when they travel, many take their pets with them.

Therefore, it makes sense that hotels have a pet policy.

Find a pet-friendly hotel:
To locate a book now pay later hotel that accepts pets, you can easily consult an online travel agency based on the Internet. Many websites offer a free search by city and list of hotels, bread and breakfasts, ski resorts, camps and beaches that allow pets.

Fortunately for pet owners, there are many pet friendly hotels to choose from when traveling.

Finding boutique hotels that allow pets:

If you travel to New York this summer and are looking for a dog-friendly hotel app in New York City, you’re in luck. There are many boutique hotels in New York that accept pets. A few hotels exceed expectations and openly welcome pets by offering services for your pet.

Hotel services for your pet may include:
– Local services of walking dogs.
– Cleanliness
– Cookies for special occasions.
– pet taxi
– training
– puppy

Other services may include containers for food and water, dog packs on the sidewalk and sand buckets for cats and easy access to a local dog park.

When booking your hotel, ask what services the pay later hotel offers to accommodate you and your pet. Many boutique hotels in Manhattan will go the extra mile to ensure that you and your pet have a pleasant stay.

Traveling with your pet:

While most pet owners travel with their pet on the road, many pet owners take their pet on the plane. If you are flying with your pet, call the airline to check the regulations and requirements to travel with them.

If you are renting a car, we suggest that you prepare a driving map with a list of restaurants and rest stops that allow pets. Also make sure that the car rental agency is friendly.

Once you arrive at your hotel, the hotel can provide you with a list of pet-friendly restaurants, as well as a list of local parks.

Finding a hotel that accepts pets is easier than you think. The number of Americans traveling with their pets has increased over the years and more and more hotels accept pets in response to the growing trend of “pets as a family.”

To find a hotel that accepts pets near your travel destination, ask for recommendations to your local travel agency or search online. There are many online websites dedicated to traveling with pets and many offer suggestions and advice on where to stay and places to visit.

Book Now Pay Later Hotels

So the next time you think about leaving your pet at home, reconsider. There are many options for travelers with pets, and pet owners are no longer limited to camps. Book now pay later pet friendly hotels that accept pets and offer services to pamper and care for your pet.

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