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A Night at Polynesian Oceanfront Motel at Cheap Rates $200 to $300

Polynesian Oceanfront Motel

For New Jersey vacationers, a beach lodge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean can complete the vacation.

Depending on what you are looking for on vacation, there are a variety of options for affordable getaways on the shores of New Jersey beach hotels.

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Accommodation is available. Enjoy the breathtaking ocean views. Free covered parking is available. Free WIFI.

Type: 2 double rooms from the beach, part sea view 2 double bedrooms, part sea view 1 double bedroom, beach 1 double bedroom.

Motel at Cheap Rates $200
Motel at Cheap Rates $200

In addition to locations in Monmouth, Atlantic and Ocean counties, some prefer the Wildwoods.

Consisting of five municipalities in Cape May County on the island of Five Mile Beach, different parts of the Wildwoods have different characters for all types of tourists.

A Night at Polynesian Oceanfront Motel

Wildwood is notable for its collection of “doo-wop” style hotels in its historic district that were considered irreplaceable landmarks of popular culture

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Around North Wildwood, these areas are buzzing with activity throughout the day. Those looking for affordable hotels near me with weekly rates fairly close to the beach where all the action is can stay in these two cities

Cheap Motels Near Me With Weekly Rates

Those who prefer a quieter setting can visit the Wildwood Crest district, which has its own share of the Wildwoods’ quirky “doo-wop” culture.

While many condos have replaced the hotels that once lined the beach, there are still beach hotels that provide a peaceful atmosphere near the Wildwood activity

New Jersey beach lodges allow vacationers to truly experience the city’s rapidly changing pace with a beach setting and expansive ocean views.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a place to get away from it all, the cheap Polynesian seaside hotels near me on a weekly rate on the Jersey Shore have a lot to offer.

A Night at Polynesian Oceanfront Motel
A Night at Polynesian Oceanfront Motel

Hotels and guesthouses on Cape Cod come in all types, locations and price ranges. Here are some helpful savings tips to help you choose the best Polynesian beach hotel accommodation that won’t break your vacation budget.

Cheap Motels Near Me For Tonight

If you’re looking for a place to spend the night without breaking the bank, there are plenty of options.

Cheap hotels generally offer basic amenities like clean, comfortable rooms, free Wi-Fi and parking. However, depending on the location and the specific hotel, the quality of the accommodation and level of service can vary greatly.

It’s always a good idea to read reviews and compare prices before booking. Having said that, I am happy to help you find a decent and affordable hotel for tonight.


Have you set your heart on the sea? Or by walking out your hotel room door straight to the beach?

It sounds glorious, and it is. But hold onto your wallet! You’ll pay a lot, maybe more, for those luxuries.

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Location really is everything when it comes to finding affordable room rates at Cape Cod hotels and guesthouses.

To make the most of your holiday accommodation budget, think like this …

With so many amazing places to explore and exciting things to do on the Cape, how much time do you really expect to spend looking out your living room window? I bet you get out and do more than walk around your room.

And speaking of “going out,” why do you put yourself on the same beach every day, just because you paid so much for that beach-facing room?

Even if you’re only here for a few days, you’ll want to visit more than one beach. (Trust me, you will!) Our Sea, Bay and Sound beaches are very special, and all unique in their own way. Take a tour of each to really get a feel for the Cape!

So if budget is a key factor in planning your vacation, think twice before the room has an ocean view.

Choose a room with sweeping views, or a hotel within walking distance to the beach. Use the money you save for a delicious Cape Cod lobster dish or some really special things to do. You’ll be glad you did!

Cheap weekly motels near me under $30

Complimentary continental breakfast. Coupons for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant. Free sake and beach chairs. Whale watching, a round of golf and a list of activities for the kids or even the whole family.

These are just some of the “extras” and inexpensive weekly accommodations on the Polynesian beaches offered by Cape Cod hotels, hotels and resorts with $30 package deals near me.

Considering the money you spend on food and activities while on vacation, it sometimes makes sense to choose a hotel, hotel or resort that includes some of these extras as part of the room price but for use only really, of course!

Do Not Discard Discount Accommodations

When you see the price of a room that seems so low, do you immediately think, “If it’s that cheap, it must be Rathol”?

I’m accepting it. I am often guilty of the same thinking when planning our family trips.

But I can tell you that on Cape Cod you can find very nice accommodations that are incredibly cheap at the Polynesian Oceanfront Motel.

Cheap Motels Near Me For Tonight
Cheap Motels Near Me For Tonight

They may not be the nicest places in town and they may not have fancy decor, flat screen TVs or 24 hour reception, 7 days a week. But for $ 100 per night or less, you get a comfortable, clean and pleasant place to stay.

So when checking Cape Cod accommodation listings on online booking services, don’t click on cheap options. Look at them. Read travelers opinions. See all the photos.

Call the shelter’s local phone number (area code may be 508). The person who answers may be a “guest” and could be the owner. Ask about accommodation, the area, anything else on your mind.

If passenger opinions are usually positive, and you and the person on the other end of the phone had a positive experience when you called …

You have probably found one of our hidden gems!

Book Hotel Early / Book Late

Will you find the best Polynesian beach hotel accommodations on Cape Cod when booking early or waiting until the last minute? They can’t say for sure.

A couple of years ago when the economy first entered the dumps, we saw some amazing last-minute lodging deals … even at some of Cape Cod’s most popular hotels and guesthouses first wrote for months.

This year (2010) Cape Cod tourism regained some momentum, anyone who waited until the last minute to reserve a July or August room had a much harder time.

Who knows what will bring and beyond?

So, my best advice is that if you are planning to visit Cape Town during the summer months, the earlier you book your cheap Polynesian beach hotel, the better option so get location, rooms and price will be for you

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Then, once you’ve booked a reservation, go ahead and continue your search for the best deals. If I get A Night Booking at a cheap Polynesian Ocean Beach Motel.